Find Balance, Power & Connection

Escape for Black Sisters

At-Home Retreat

Saturday 8th May 2021, 11-5 pm UK time Online

£107 per person £57 lockdown discount

First 5 Sisters who book receive a surprise gift

PLUS FREE The Art of Loving Yourself E-Book by Olivia Haltman


Escape for Black Sisters is the brainchild of 3 sisters' desire to create a safe space for black women to gather, share space and connect emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and spiritually.

We'll also have some FUN activities as well...

What you can expect:

  • Waiting to exhale space - conversations about life, when anger arises, and how to handle it
  • Confidence building workshop
  • Yoga, breathwork, and meditation
  • Divine feminine interactive workshop
  • A guided facial session with a personal skin consultation
  • Mocktail/Cocktail experience (all items supplied to UK participants)*
  • NOTE: If you live outside of the UK, you must book by Friday 23rd April to receive your cocktail-making package

This is a space created for us, by us.

Escape for Black Sisters  

A series of online and in-person experiences that will include Yoga, meditation, motivational workshops plus more

Tap Your Power Within
Get clarity on who you are. Build on self-awareness, self-expression, and self-care.

Quiet the Busy Mind
In addition to yoga, we will be exploring meditation and breath work

Balance Mind and Body

Escape from your worries and challenges. Connect with yourself and like-minded women.

Motivational Workshops & Fun Stuff

We'll cover everything from dealing with anger and exploring the divine feminine to mixology and film sessions

Kemetic Yoga with MeriSaa

Explore rejuvenating yoga sessions to relax, let go, and feel fabulous

Waiting to Exhale Space with Olivia

Regular sessions to reflect and share thoughts and feelings. A chance to 'let go'

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Escape for Black Sisters


About Us 

3 Black Sisters in the Wellbeing space....

Olivia Haltman  

Olivia is passionate about self-development and loves to see people grow, develop, and reach their full potential. She founded OH Services in 2010 to provide Counselling, Workshops and Supervision to support the community. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, energy balancing, and mindfulness.

Her website is here


Michelle Fanus-St Hill

Michelle is a busy events entrepreneur and yoga junkie. She founded Dynamyk Yoga which is a retreats business with an online resource of pre-recorded yoga tutorials to support and enhance yoga practice - from neck rolls, shoulder stretches to full vinyasa flow!

Her linktree is here

MeriSaa Heqama  

MeriSaa Heqama is a teacher of Kemetic philosophy, culture, and spirituality. She is an initiate of the Kemetic Temples. She is a certified Afrikan Smai Taui Yoga Instructor, with 23 years of practise and teaching, MeriSaa holds one-to-one classes, and runs courses via zoom. She is a writer, researcher, and author of The Batwa: a People of South-Western Uganda. She is passionate about bringing the truth to audiences, clients, and readers of African descent in order to understand themselves more deeply.

Her website is here

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